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AI models for Clinical Trial Operations

We build AI models to enhance your clinical trial solutions and optimize your processes. Unlock unprecedented insights and efficiencies in clinical trial management.

Take a look at our Document Intelligence AI Model

Contact us to discover how our AI model can effectively explain study details derived from protocol documents to patients, sites, and clinical operations teams.

This functionality can be integrated as an API or embedded as a Chat Plug-in within your CTMS or eConsent platform. Additionally, it is available as a standalone Chat Agent for your site or patient portal in clinical trials.

Our Document Intelligence AI Framework

Document Intelligence

  • Enhance comprehension of clinical trials for informed patient consent and site training.
  • Accelerate study design and setup by extracting elements from protocol documents.
  • Streamline organization of essential documents.
  • Proactively identify and address missing documents and content.

Operational Intelligence

  • Gain conversational insights from operational data.
  • Proactively monitor study risks.
  • Easily assess the adequacy, accuracy, and quality of data collection.
  • Identify safety signals and patterns from clinical outcomes and patient-reported data.

Process Intelligence

  • Choose the appropriate sites, enhance site engagement, and increase satisfaction.
  • Timely identification of bottlenecks in study conduct processes.
  • Ensure adherence to protocol and regulatory compliance.
  • Efficiently manage resources and supplies.

Patient Intelligence

  • Precisely match patients with suitable clinical trials.
  • Implement optimal campaigns to enhance patient recruitment.
  • Proactively address patient visit and protocol compliance issues.
  • Provide comprehensive engagement and support to patients throughout their clinical trial journey.
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